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Here are the songs names:

1st: Show the World - Martin (LLO)

2nd: Deal with it - Corbin Bleu (Juliette)

3rd: Electro by Yoo Young Jin (Lucifer)

4th: Holla - J. Cates (Hello)

5th: Everytime I - Mario Vazquez (One for me)

6th: Hard Time - 2Much (Love’s Way)

7th: Y Si Fuera Ella - Alejandro Sanz (Y Si Fuera Ella/Hyeya)

8th: Forever or Never - Cinema Bizarre (Forever or Never)

9th: Bad Case - Jackie Boyz (the song was sung by different singers, IDK who made the original one) (Hit me)

10th: Eh yo -Denice Stone (A-yo)

11th: Psychic - Jimmy B. (Obsession)

12th: Don’t Say -Michael Lee (Quasimodo/Hwasal)

13th: I can make you go - Emma Stevens and Will Simms (Wowowow)

14th: The mention of your name - Brandon Fraley (Your name)

15th: Ready or Not - Sean Kingston (this one was made after SHINee’s version) (Ready or Not)